Afroman & iRollie Rolled Up All Over the Northeast … Because We Got High.

Afroman rolling case

Afroman & iRollie Toured the Northeast to Show Off His New Rolling Tray Phone Case

The iRollie founders went all over the northeast with Afroman & his custom rolling tray phone cases. Our tour took us to NYC, Vlad TV, New Jersey, & Pimpin’ in Pennsylvania (specifically, Philadelphia).

Afroman brought his signature Palmdale shuffle to the east, and iRollie supplied the gear. Afroman is one of the funniest people. He has his own dictionary, namely, flustutared = flustered + frusturated. On top of his word smithing, Fro is the OG to the cannabis movement. That is why we had to make the frO-G iRollie rolling tray phone case.

afroman rolling tray phone case
Afroman’s Bedside Table (we woke up like dis)

We recorded all the goofy shenanigans on snapchat, and these are the HIGHlights. You decide, and definitely, follow our snapchat for this compilation of goofy snaps that would’ve been seen, but you playing (& not following @irolliefam on Snapchat & Instagram).

What do you have to say to the kids?

Afroman: Never name yourself after a hairstyle. 

Yes, Afroman was the genius behind the canna classic “Because I Got High“. He explained how he became the first viral sensation. He was in Palmdale, at the crossroads of his future; continue a failing music career, or get a job. (glad he chose music)

rolling tray phone case

With the last of his tapes with him at a rave in New Orleans, he decided “f*ck it, I’m going to hand out the tapes”. Fro explained everyone would go out to their cars to smoke because you couldn’t smoke in the building. So, the kids went out to their cars with their free Afroman tape, and bumped what would become the most prolific smoking song of our time.

This was right at the beginning of Napster, and the song took over the early file sharing websites. Two days after returning from New Orleans, his consignment guy had calls from Universal Records, Howard Stern, & more. In 2001, Universal Records gave Afroman a deal and it was the beginning of his amazing canna music career.

Fro explains his rise to fame in his VLAD TV interview.

“It went around the world in 48 hours.”

He has been churning out hits & 8 studio albums since “Because I Got High”. Most recently, Fro has remade the infamous “Because I Got High” with NORML & Weedmaps to hit on the benefits of cannabis in the Positive Remix.

Lately, Afroman has been setting examples for younger generations. He does not say the “n-word” & advocates others do not either. See below video for explanation in his song outlining his point of view.

In short, Fro is a one of a kind character with a lot to say & more to smoke. Now, he can anytime, anywhere with his custom Afroman iRollie rolling tray phone case.


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