Amherst Rapper NliteN Goes Hard on Debut EP Godspeed


After years of delivering strong singles, Amherst rapper NliteN recently dropped his debut EP. The self-produced Godspeed EP features his most diverse work to date with shifting flows on a variety of genre-bending beats. This 4-track project, spanning only 10 minutes, showcases NliteN’s ability to spit on any production style.

The opening track, Foreign, finds NliteN delivering quick, thoughtful bars over looped Spanish vocals and banging bass. The next track, Carrots, adds to the intensity with electronically driven production. Here, NliteN picks up the pace, spitting his hardest bars on the EP. The 3rd track, Shut Up, brings confrontational lyrics over slow, but heavy bass. Finally, Please & Thank You, takes the intensity down with smooth, whistling production and his most natural lyrical flow on the EP.

Overall, the promise of this EP will keep NliteN on my radar for some time. Also, check out the EP cover art by Grace Gulick and find more NliteN on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music!


Conor O'Brien & Will Biggers

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