Halloween Mix: Broomsticks and Turnt Tricks

Halloween Turn Up Playlist

Broomsticks and Turnt Tricks

This week we dropped a surprise 15 song Halloween Turn-Up Mix for you to kick off your Halloweekend! This playlist starts out with only good vibes for all your tribes in the pre-game, but elevates to banger status.


This playlist starts out with upbeat tempos and horns, horns, horns. Following RL Grime’s “The Hills” remix, things start to really pick up the broomstick with remixes of Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller”, and the Ghostbuster’s theme song. Flux Pavilion takes us deeper, and kicks off the banger section. Kayzo brings the Hallo-dubtrap turn up with his remix of “This is Halloween”. We Keep the Hallo-trap bangers rolling with Onderkoffer, and wrap it up with the, always, dark twist of Skrillex, and his classic “SCARY MONSTERS AND NICE SPRITES”.

Enjoy a safe weekend full of your own Broomsticks and Turn Tricks, and we’ll keep you bumpin‘!

Much love from:

Conor, Will and the iRollie Fam.

Halloween Pre-Game Playlist



Conor O'Brien & Will Biggers

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