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The minds behind iRollie have engineered a phone case that allows you to roll one anywhere you find yourself- no more scrambling for a flat surface to lay out your spliff, or trying to pick up all the weed you dropped in your lap.

Featured Product – High Times Magazine (pg. 34)


iRollie is an iPhone case that has an inverted space on the back for breaking up your bud and a funnel at the bottom for easy rolling. Which is exactly what I needed on Fourth of July when I found myself without a spot to easily make a “salad” with some friends’ marijuana.

I am also madly in love with the designs on the cases. The peace sign globe is most certainly going to become a tattoo of mine at some point.

iRollie Review – Mary Jane’s Haute House

Link I mentioned, if you roll a lot of joints then you’re going to really enjoy the tray. It’s perfect for on the go. It also isn’t completely obvious the case is designed for rolling. So, you should be fine carrying this case around grandma. For me, it’s a great case I can break out for concerts and stuff like that.

iRollie Review – Mary Jane’s Diary

So, you’re out and about, and it’s time to take a smoke break and roll a joint. First you need a flat surface. How about using the back of your iPhone? Just tuck your phone into the iRollie, turn it over and start rolling.

Freedom Leaf Magazine – Holiday Gift Guide

Never be without a rolling surface again as long as you have your phone with you (which you probably always will.)

The Higher Content – Review of iRollie Case

My favorite feature is the small funnel at the bottom of the case, everyone loses a little bit as they roll, this makes it easy to round up that last bit into the end of what you rolled.

Sunshine State Stone – Review of iRollie Case

I’ve needed something like this for so many years. You guys created a genius product!

Stoner Jesus – Interview of iRollie