Trendy Rasta Tradition: Would You Toke Organic Blunt Wraps (Made of Bananas & Veggies)?

organic blunt wraps

What Are Organic Blunt Wraps?

Organic blunt wraps are one of those smoker trends that have taken over recently. On the other hand, organic wraps have been around for a while. Hemp & organic rolling papers aren’t new.

organic blunt wraps

Organic wraps are a great chemical & tobacco-free alternative. A number of new brands have been innovating on this older concept. Namely, the newest smoking craze is the fruit & vegetable based wraps.

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organic blunt wraps

Banana Leaf Blunt Wraps, Corn Husk Rolling Papers, Veggie Organic Blunt Wraps

Yes, there are smoke wraps made of banana leaves, vegetables, & corn husk. Consequently, they are 100% organic, GMO-free, vegan, all-natural wraps. It’s like totally progressive blunt wraps. In all seriousness, these are made from real plants and are far better for the environment than alternatives.

organic blunt wraps

Where Did They Begin?

Smoking banana leaves & vegetable based wraps originated with the Rastafarian culture. So, these organic smoke wraps are made the same way they have been for centuries deep in the foothills of the Caribbean in Rasta culture.

These methods transform a banana leaf & vegetable leaf into a smokable wrap have been passed down for generations

organic blunt wraps

Team of Rasta Herbalists

Each organic blunt wrap is personally cared for and prepared by ‘Ras Nuru’ and a team of herbalists. Following each and every wrap’s examination, it is hand selected to ensure it meets all of the characteristics needed for a great smoke and the highest level of quality.

Our Premium Natural Smoke wraps are 100% natural and are made for smokers to have a non-tobacco, chemical free experience. Unlike rolling papers and tobacco blunts, these wraps are totally organic. Accordingly, we designed each of our (Corn Husk, Veggie Wrap, Banana Leaf) to have their own distinct qualities.

So, What Are They & How Do They Taste?

Vegetable Blunt Wraps are tobacco-free, chemical free while offering the smoothest, slow-burning drag on the market. Our veggie blunt wrap is vegan-friendly & the most natural way to consume your herbs. Rejoice and enjoy an all-natural vegetable blunt.

Corn Husk is the healthier alternative to a natural hemp wrap or traditional rolling paper, Our Corn Husk Wraps are tobacco-free, Non-GMO and most importantly, chemical free with zero additives. Our Corn husk rolling paper is earth’s natural substitute for the common rolling paper while offering a smoother, crisp, slow burn.

Banana Leaf is the best tobacco blunt wrap alternative. Banana leaf wraps are all natural, non-tobacco, and offers a bold, smoky, slow-burning experience without any harsh effects experienced with a  traditional tobacco wrap.

In conclusion, our premium smoke wraps are slow burning and leave the least residue which helps preserve your product.

So, Don’t Forget to Get Your Own Organic Wrap Here for Only $3.50!

Veggie, Banana Leaf, & Corn Rolling Papers/ Smoke Wraps



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  1. Jamieeee D says:

    I just got like five of these!! Love the banana leaf wraps, it’s definitely a better taste and totally different. Goodbye swishers!!

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