3 BAAAD Sheep Artist Series Rolling Tray Phone Case


Artist Series Rolling Tray Phone Case brought to you by a collaboration between iRollie and 3BAAA Sheep based out of Las Vegas, Nevada! Three artists collaborating on each piece without discussion. Roll up while looking at trippy art with the only rolling tray that travels with you everywhere!

Learn more about 3BS below!


iRollie introduces its first edition of the artist series rolling tray phone case collaboration with Las Vegas, Nevada locals: 3 BAAAD Sheep

Who Are the 3 BAAAD Sheep?

Three collaborative mixed media artists creating from the subconscious as one.
3BS is an award winning collaborative group based in Las Vegas, NV.

Three unique artists. Three very different paths on a journey of art and life. One conversation, resulting in a melding of the minds. An urge to collaborate. A desire to share something different, creative and beautiful with the world. This is the 3 Baaad Sheep.

Alexander Sky – “I think what I hope, I hear what I want, I say what I feel, therefore, I am.”

Eddie “Cicifu” Canumay – “This is a never ending journey of learning. I will always create.”

Alexander P. Heurta – “Art is the avenue I use to connect to humanity.”

3 Baaad Sheep collaborations are available on canvas, wood, furniture and wall murals in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and subject matter. They leverage a wide rande of mixed media, including acrylic, aerosol, oil pencils, collage, sharpies, stencils and many found objects.

Check out more of their work at: 3BaaadSheep

What is the Artist Series Rolling Tray Phone Case?

Art goes with weed like oreo’s and milk, like peanut butter and jelly, like mac… and cheese. These rolling tray phone cases are more of a art piece rather than a functional phone case. It looks and works perfectly as a coffee table rolling tray and as a cool show piece.

iRollie supports art and would love to collab with more artists across the world. If you know anyone, our are someone who would be interested, shoot us an email at rollwithit@irollie.co (not .com).

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