[Limited Edition] A Very Corny Bundle


iRollie and T.Ras share a common vision of creating the most convenient and organic smoking experience. That’s why we developed the most convenient and unique rolling tray that fits in your pocket and on your phone! Now, when you are rolling on your iRollie in nature, you can roll it with nature using T.Ras’ Premium Corn Rolling Papers. Get out on a nice nature walk with this bundle!

  • Yellow iRollie iPhone 6/6s
    • Features a fully functional rolling tray
    • Features unique funnel for conveniently relocating tobacco scraps.
  • T.Ras Co Premium Rolling Papers
    • Made of Corn
    • 6 All Natural Premium Rolling Papers

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My favorite feature is the small funnel at the bottom of the case, everyone loses a little bit as they roll, this makes it easy to round up that last bit into the end of what you rolled.




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