Biodegradable Portable Smoking Pipe


5.00 out of 5

Biodegradable Pipe

Offers the convenience of papers, but packability of a pipe. The steamroller design enables big hits from a small device.

This is the first biodegradable portable smoking pipe! It is resilient and easy to use. The Biodegradable Portable Smoking Pipe is safe, organic, hits hard and is completely eco-friendly.

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Biodegradable Pipe

The Biodegradable Pipe has so many benefits on top of its convenience of use:

Plenty of Uses: 

Repack and smoke the GeoBowl 15-20 times. So, you never are caught without a bowl.

Friendly Smoking:

One pack is enough for a whole tobacco smoking session with friends. Similarly, you never have to worry about breaking the bowl on the journey home.

Engineered for safety:

We make sure you won’t get burned. So, no roasted fingertips.

Easy to use:

The portability of roll-your-own with the ease of glass. Thus, the pains of glass are eliminated


After use can be discarded in the trash or recycled for reclamation and natural breakdown. So, you will not have any excuse for littering anymore.

Steam Roller Design:

Allow for regulation of smoke and a heavy-hitting experience. So, you’re not surprised

Convenience and Discretion:

Easily fits in a pocket, clean and can be carried at your leisure with no concerns of resin or paraphernalia (great for traveling). So, no more worrying about being hassled.

If you’re seeking other natural & eco smoking alternatives, be sure to read why organic smoke wraps are better for you right here.


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  1. 5 out of 5


    The GeoBowl is a quality product for any of your smoking needs! I can fit it in my pocket with ease almost forgetting its even there. The bowl head has held up just fine after quite a few smoke sessions and the best part is its biodegradable!! My favorite feature is the ability to generate strong CLEAN hits from such a small smoking device, rock on GeoBowl!!

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