Dab Tool Set Grinder Card

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Dab Tool Combined with a Grinder Card

Features Housed in Portable Grinder Card:

  • Poker
  • Scraper
  • Dabber
  • Spork
  • Grinder

This single dab tool card has everything you need to dab, roll, or store dab tools on the go. This is the perfect tool for the dabbing adventurer.

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Portable Dab Tool Set

Check out the newest innovation in oil and dabbing technology! This portable dab tool set sits right in a grinder card. This allows you to roll up/ dab anywhere you have your wallet on you. The most essential dab tool and accessory that you need!

These grinder cards are constructed from a heavy-duty surgical grade stainless steel plate and incorporate 4 double-headed oil tools, along with the patented grind surface.

Comes with a food grade silicone case that helps cover and protect your tools and keeps the Dab Tool Set clean during transit.

Each of the four tools attach to the plate using magnets and fit snug in specially shaped grooves making it easy to store.

Packer- Features a flat end, perfect for packing vape pens, pipes, or joints and a thinner tool end for cleaning and reaching into tough spots.
Spork- Features a spoon like tip with a hole in the middle for handling larger amounts of oil efficiently and allow heat to pass through and a fork that allows easy transfer of large slippery chunks.
Scraper- Features two angled edges that are great for scraping oil residue and getting to hard to reach areas.
Poker- Features skinny and medium tips for poking and cleaning.

Grinder- This portable dab card features a patented grinder strip using a fine texture, perfect for grinding herbs for vape pens, pipes, cones or blunts. Use the dab card with your iRollie rolling tray phone case so you can funnel the grinded herb into the top of your smoke.

The dab tool kit comes in three different artistic designs: the Tribal Lion dab card, the Elephant dab card, and the Hamsa with an eye dab card.

If you enjoy concentrates & need an on the go tool use our Wooden Nectar Collector.



Elephant, Tribal Lion, Hamsa


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