King Roller: Large Rolling Machine


The High Roller Large Rolling Machine was designed for both form and function, allowing you to roll up 12 inch BANGERS. The larger design makes it effortless to roll dozens of perfect cigarettes in just a few minutes. It truly is the cream of the crop: rolling machine edition.

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This 12 inch rolling machine makes it easy to roll cigarettes up to one foot long. If you desire a more traditional cigarette length, the measuring tray makes it simple to cut these 12 inch smokes into as many as 4 standard size cigarettes. The High Roller Large Rolling Machine work great with filters, crutches, and standard size rolling papers. The drawer provides convenient storage for tobacco, rolling papers, grinders and other smoking accessories.

The High Roller measures about 12 x 6 x 4 inches and weighs a bit over 3 pounds. Because of it’s size, it’s better suited for use at home than on the go. Each High Roller is hand crafted by the King Roller family right here in the USA. They do their best to use reclaimed natural materials, locally sourced when possible.


  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Rolling Papers
  • Free Bee Line Hemp Wick


Mahogany (Reddish), Walnut (Dark Brown), Oak (White)


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