Veggie, Banana Leaf, & Corn Rolling Papers/ Smoke Wraps


4.50 out of 5

Mellow Fellow Organic Rolling Papers/ Smoke Wraps, as used deep in the foothills of the Caribbean and in Rasta culture, use the methods passed down from generations to our resident Rastafarian botanist, Ras Nuru, and a team of scientists personally care for & prepare your Mellow Fellow wraps.

Mellow Fellow smoke wraps are not created, but harvested, non-chemically processed, and is 100% natural with absolutely no additives.

Looking for an organic & additive-free rolling paper alternative?

-Slow burn
-Dutches alternative

-Slow premium burn

-Ultra Thin
-Slow burn
-Rolling paper alternative

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Rasta & Organic Rolling Papers

Vegan Joint Wraps

Our Premium Natural Smoke wraps are 100% natural and are produced to offer smokers a non-tobacco, chemical free experience, unlike other organic rolling papers. Each Mellow Fellow organic rolling paper has their own distinctive qualities that have been in practice for centuries in Rasta culture.

Mellow Fellow organic rolling papers/ smoke wraps have little to no taste which allows the smoker to truly savor the flavor of their rolled goods. Our premium smoke wraps are slow burning and leaves very little residue which helps preserve your product.

With increasing damage to the world’s forests, Natural smoke wraps are becoming more popular as they reach a larger worldwide audience. Many rolling papers are laden with chemicals, unnatural glues and bleach. When you burn a standard rolling paper, you’re not just burning your product—you are also burning and ingesting, the chemicals and tobacco used to create the rolling paper.

Mellow Fellow smoke wraps are not created but harvested, non-chemically processed, and is 100% natural with absolutely no additives. This gives users the opportunity to enjoy the most authentic and unprocessed organic rolling papers/ wraps available. In fact, one of the primary reasons people continue to use Mellow Fellow Natural Wraps is because of the improved taste they enjoy.


Veggie Wraps, Banana Leaf Wraps, Corn Husk Wraps

2 reviews for Veggie, Banana Leaf, & Corn Rolling Papers/ Smoke Wraps

  1. 4 out of 5
    4 out of 5


    These things are awesome. I grabbed the Banana Leaf blunt wraps with the black highventurer irollie. These take a little more care to roll, but burn beautifully. A perfect wrap for the end of the day smoke!

  2. 5 out of 5
    5 out of 5


    My boyfriend loves the veggie wraps. Super smooth!!!

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