iRollie founders
iRollie Founders: Luke is the tall one. Joe is the not tall one.

Who & What is iRollie?

iRollie was founded by Luke & Joe as undergrads at Boston College & UMass Amherst. After snowboarding, skiing, hiking, surfing, and skating all the time, we noticed that people were rolling up on their phone. With a good idea & access to 3-D printers, we were able to prototype the very first rolling tray phone case. After bringing on a professional engineer, we were able to launch the product with zero marketing budget. Now, iRollie is the marketplace for the adventurous smoker. We’re curating products that we wished we had for adventures.

We Are Puff, Puff, Passing the Adventure on to You!

The Roll With It Mantra

Here, at iRollie, we believe life’s beauty is meant to be enjoyed outside, up close, with friends, and a little bit of tobacco. So, we are curating the products that are the tools to live the life of your dreams. Our owl logo embodies our sentiment of “traveling anywhere with the freedom to bring some tree“. Now, you will be able to enjoy life’s precious moments a little more, and worry about rolling one up a little less!