Wholesale & Custom Child Resistant Packaging

custom smoking accessories

iRollie Custom Child Resistant Packaging

Convert customers into brand evangelists by arming them with the tools to promote YOUR brand.

custom smoking accessories

Revenue Growth

Custom packaging has been proven to drive customer retention and new customer acquisition, as well as brand reach, recognition, & engagement. 

Reach Target Audience

Custom packaging delivers your brand to your target audience generating passive customer acquisition as well as customer retention. Our innovative packaging offering allows your brand to stay at the pinnacle of product innovation without the expensive R&D to develop these products.

 custom smoking accessories

MJ Biz Daily highlights that word of mouth & social media is the most effective forms of advertising. Branded packaging & accessories are the tools that drive word of mouth referrals & social media shares.

Wholesale Inquiry

Why Wholesale w/ iRollie?


We want to work with you to be your partner, not just supplier. iRollie understands the pains of growing new and existing brands and often have to iterate and prove concepts in smaller capacities prior to launching at scale.

Most Innovative Offering

While other distributors chase product trends, our business was built off of identifying them. We offer you the packaging of tomorrow today!

Certified Child Proof State Compliant

We have packaging offerings for the regulations in every medical and recreational state to ensure that you are remaining compliant and ahead of the market.


Why White Label Custom Child Resistant Packaging?

Profitable Marketing Tools

Marketing can bleed budgets & cashflows. Now, your marketing can work for you. Packaging allows the customers that are already buying your products to have an actionable way to meaningfully interact with your brand. Thus, driving profit with new consumers.

Increased Customer Retention

People are annoyed with texts & constant digital nagging. Branded functional products increase retention while maintaining an organic & effective brand interaction.

Passive Customer Acquisition

Ads come & go, but products last forever. Smoking accessories allow your brand to penetrate consumer awareness at the critical time; when smoking/ rolling up.
Let your brand live on & drive new customers forever.

Check Out a Couple Past Clients & Many More Upon Request!

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